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If you are in Zürich (Switzerland) there are several places I would recommend but there are two musts. I don’t like to push people to see this or that but if you didn’t see the Uetliberg nearby Zürich and you haven’t been to Sprüngli on the Paradeplatz you have missed a lot.

Zürich - Üteliberg

You must take the S-Bahn 10 from Zürich Central station directly to arrive at the Uetliberg. It’s a lovely short ride by train. Its height is a proximately 871 meters above sea level The view at the Uetliberg is tremendous. You can see the River (Limat) and all over Zürich, the financial heart of Switzerland. At the other side you see the surrounding of Zürich. On the top of this relatively small mountain there is the Hotel-restaurant of Uto Kulm and an observation tower on which you can climb the stairs to the top of it to see an even broader view. The restaurant looks very nice and inside you also have a lovely view over a Swiss valley. The wines are good but the food isn’t very special. I would say you simply come here for the view.
Sprüngli is a must go in Zúrich.The second place you have to go to is Sprüngli at the Paradeplatz. The Paradeplatz borders on the Bahnhofstraße. This luxurious ‘Confiserie’ shop and tea-room is one of the best from Switzerland. It is a chain of handmade sweets in Switzerland. This family-business already exists for 175 years. The pride of the company are the ‘tagesfrischen Truffes’ (handmade chocolate truffles, fresh made every single day the shop is open). Most of these chocolate truffles are for the rich customers of the banks. Their other specialty  the ‘Truffes Cru Sauvage’ arrive in the autumn. These truffles are made from wild chocolate-beans (Criollo Salvaje de Beni from Bolivia). As we would say: ‘it is simply to die for’. In the tee-room you can also choose from a large variety of pastry. Their hot chocolate is also something very special. Even the tea is less than ordinary. Last week there was a small demonstration of how they make some of their little Luxemburgerli (macarons)/marzipan animals.

Restaurant am Paradeplatz:

1. Stock                          Opening hours

Bahnhofstrasse 21      Mon-Fri: 07.00 am – 06.30 pm

8001 Zurich                 Sat: 08.00 am – 06.00 pm

        Son: 09.30 am – 05.30 pm

Café-Bar am Paradeplatz:

          Opening hours

Bahnhofstraße 21        Mon-Fri: 07.00 am – 07.00 pm

8001 Zurich                  Sat: 08.00 am – 06.00 pm

          Son: 09.30 am – 05.30 pm


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