In the recent period of covid new restaurants opened and old ones closed their doors. Nowadays there’s another kind of crisis, a shortage of staff.

Peter Lute
Chef Peter Lute

Recently chef Peter Lute (about 50 years old) was asked by the Dutch furniture compagny ‘Co van der Horst’, to start a new restaurant on the 26th floor in the building Beethovenstraat 305 in Amsterdam. On the first floor there’s the exclusive, Italian design compagny ‘Molteni&C’. In Holland it’s under the direction of ‘Co van der Horst’.
Peter succesfully managed his restaurant ‘De Kruidfabriek’.  But after eighteen years he thought it was time to start something new. So he opened ‘GREEN gastrobar’ in a part of Amsterdam that’s called the Zuidas.
Peter Lute became well known after he was asked to become a juror for the tv-program ‘MasterChef Holland’ and ‘Junior Masterchef’.
When I had the chance to talk to him, he told me that he had worked in the famous hotel-restaurant Dikker & Thijs in Amsterdam where he learned to make truffle appetizer croquettes. It’s a speciality in the Netherlands. I know this restaurant from my youth because my family invited me to dine there. He also worked in the luxurious hotel-restaurant ‘Des Indes’ in the Hague (where I was invited several times for wine-tastings) and he also worked in Michelin-star restaurants like ‘Auberge de Kieviet’ in Wassenaar and restaurant ‘Vermeer’ in Amsterdam. In the last one I also  had the pleasure to eat. Beacause I live in the village of Amstelveen (nearby Amsterdam) I had the opportunity to eat several times at his restaurant ‘De Kruidfabriek; later ‘Kruidfabriek by Lute’.
He did not receive any Michelin recommendation yet, but I can say that his kind of cooking does deserve it. In my opinion I think that some of the Michelin-star restaurants do not deserve their star or stars. Chefs can go to far with their creations. To me asparagus with coffee are not a fine match.
Sometimes you can compare a chef with a magician. He juggles with products, spices, flavours and herbs. You can compair Peter Lute with our famous Dutch magician Hans Klok.
Menu GREEN gastrobarHis new restaurant ’GREEN gastrobar‘ is in it’s starting phase. Peter is working mainly with fruit and vegitables, herbs, spices, flavours, cheese and other vegetarian and semi-vegetarian products.
That’s why it’s is called ‘GREEN’.
It could be the highest situated restaurant in Amsterdam. From the window and the terrace you can see over the ‘Zuidas’ and everyting around it.
In the ‘gastrobar’ they serve a seven course meal and a small à la carte menu. The seven course menu is very good and on the wine-list you can find some good wines and a small variety of wines you can order by glass.


The icing on his cake will be a luxurious restaurant in the Noordoostpolder.
He bought an old barn that’s going to be transformed into a restaurant. It should be ready in about two years. He is going to manage it with his wife Marieke.
His goal is to be on the culinairy map of the Netherlands. ‘I won’t say no to a Michelin-star’. It seems that the people of the Michelin-guide didn’t notice Peter Lute yet as a chef.
Kruidfabriek by Lute is still open for groups.
The 26th ‘GREEN gastrobar’ and 27th floor are entirely furnished with Molteni&C|Dada items. The 26th floor is linked by a private lift.



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