Bijen pins (speldje)


De bijen moet gered worden. Zonder hen sterven bepaalde gewassen en planten uit. Zo zouden er in de toekomst voor de mens veel belangrijke voedingsmiddelen kunnen verdwijnen.


Dear Earthling,

Do you know you would be unable to eat many fruits and vegetables without the help of our friends? You would not even be able to drink a glass of wine? But it is true. Even the vines are fertilized by the bees. And does it really matter to us? The wellbeing of bees and their very existence is under threat from pesticides and diseases. If bees die out we humans will be in deep trouble. Not only humans but many animals too, because bees (and other pollinators) provide most of the plants that animals eat.

We can do our bit to preserve the bees by helping a tiny museum, the Maison de l’Abeille, in Cassagnoles (34210, in Southern France).  Maison de l’Abeille, led by Harmony Gonzalez (who is also mayor of Cassagnoles) is committed to this cause. Volunteers provide information on nature, teach children (and adults) respect for the environment and give beginners courses in beekeeping. The volunteers do a great job but they need the support of a skilled worker – and that costs money.

For this reason we are initiating a campaign to “Help the bee”. The well-known American artist and children’s book illustrator, Mavis Smith ( has generously agreed to create a design for a pin. The pin is made in a limited edition of 1500.

Each pin costs 12.50 Euros. Because this is a limited edition you can order no more than five pins per person. All the proceeds go to the Maison de l’Abeille.

On our website you can find a small movie with a short interview with Harmony Gonzalez and a brief tour of the museum. You can follow progress on the website

Please help us to help the bees.

Many thanks


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