‘RIJKS ON TOUR’ English version

chef-kok Joris Bijdendijk

Restaurant ‘RIJKS’, the one star-Michelin restaurant from the Rijksmuseum exists since 2014.
The leading chef of ‘RIJKS’ is Joris Bijdendijk. In 2016 he gained with his culinary arts a Michelin-star. In 2019 ‘RIJKS’ got even more points in the other leading guide, Gault & Millau. They grew from 16,5 to 17 points. You have to know that 20 points are tops. The ‘RIJKS’ also belongs to a list of fifty leading restaurants in the world. The cooking of Joris Bijdendijk certainly is very good!
In these bizarre times with the COVID 19 virus, people are struggling to survive. Our government decided to close all restaurant in the Netherlands to prevent us for more infections.
In the month of March ‘RIJKS’ became a chic takeaway. And recently they deliver (in a short radius). And even more recently ‘RIJKS ON TOUR’ was invented. In several cities in the Netherlands people can get their pre-ordered meal from ‘RIJKS’. On the 6th of May restaurant ‘RIJKS’ came to my city Amstelveen. In Amstelveen they sold one hundred meals. And they went the following day to the city of Haarlem. Bussum, Utrecht and other cities and villages will follow.
This is a very new and inventive way to bring your food to the people when they can’t come to you!
The meal was ok but you miss the atmosphere in the restaurant, the   good service of the staff and the nice table with its cutlery, the special dishes, glasses and of course the linen.

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