WineParis again

WineParis is the first great wine fair of the year; from the 12th to the 14th of February. But not only wine, also spirits, other kind of alcoholic beverages and non alcoholic wine’s and so called spirits where prensented on this international fair. But if you don’t know what you want to taste you’re completely lost. So I sorted out what I wanted. That’s mainly French wines, champagne and spirits from all over the world. I am a huge fan of good spirits but with moderation. And I think non alcoholic beverages taste (especialy wine) like sour pickles or have the smell of a wet dog.
Cognac Ragnoud-SabourinAs I did a long time ago I started the fair with brandy (cognac) in the morning. The brandy’s from Ragnaud-Sabourin are very good. I know this house/brand already for a long time. The company was founded in 1850 and now they are close to the fifth generation. The family owns 35hectare of vineyard in the cognac area ‘Grande Champagne’ (denomination ‘premier cru classé’ de Cognac). For making their cognacs they use the grape varieties Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard. Their best brandy is ‘PARADIS’ made with 90% spirit (eau de vie) that was made a century ago and 10% around 1900. Of course it’s a very expensive product (about € 1000,- per bottle). I could taste ‘Paradis’ twice because I wrote about Ragnaud-Sabourin.I have a warm feeling for the Italian company of Sandro Bottega. ‘Bottega’ has become huge and theBottega Italy first company for sparkling wine (Prosecco) in the world; even bigger than ‘Moët & Chandon‘ (the champagne). I know Sandro since he took over the company from his father. And I know he has become a member of a high ranking group of top enterprises in Italy. Sandro Bottega also produces fine wines, grappa (an Italian spirit), gin, liqueur and more. He als owns a glas company where special bottles and glasses are made, mouth blown in perfection. To taste his products is a pleasant adventure especiailly his grappa’s are so good.
On the fair there’s always a tasting of a hunderd ‘Grand Cru’ (best quality of Bordeaux wines) wineries. From dry white, red to sweet wines. This time the tasting was with young wines from the year 2021.

Earl Stephan von Neipperg
Earl Stephan von Neipperg

2021 was a colder year than usual, so with harder tannins and 20% loss of grapes because of the early frost that year. The quality of the red Bordeaux wines from 2021 is not good to divine yet. One of the leaders of this so called club is Earl Stephan von Neipperg. His chateau is in the Saint Emilion area and is called ‘Canon La Gaffelière’. During my time as a journalist/wine importer I  got to know him better.
What if you get an invitation for a soirée in a three star restaurant called ’LEDOYEN‘? Where they serve only the best Graves from Bordeaux, Laurent Perrier champagne and three star snacks, excellent cheeses and more? You may call yourself very lucky.
The head chef of LEDOYEN is Yannick Alléno.
All the wines presented from the Graves area where ‘Crus Classés‘ (the highest quality) and one even ‘Grand Cu Classé (from the classification from 1855). Chateau Haut Brion became a ‘Premier Grand Cru Classé’ in 1855. And yes Chateau Haut Brion deserves this ranking. Since  I have being tasting wine now I have learned not to be to hastely impressed by a name of a chateau/domaine, a fancy label or wine area but to taste the wine without any prejudice.

The President of the FIJEV Wolfgang Junglas
Wolfgan Junglas

And I know I am in a lucky position to learn more about wine, to taste and drink excellent wines, meeting famous people (journalists, wine makers, chefs and more) and getting nice invitations. I am a menber of an organization of journalists called the FIJEV (La Fédération/The Federation | FIJEV Féd. Internationale Journalistes et Écrivains Vin et Spiritueux). The President of the FIJEV is Wolfgang Junglas.
In my next article I will tell more about WineParis.
To be continued……

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